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Membership Benefits

By becoming a subscribed member of MyCVBuilder you will enjoy many benefits. Amongst them:
  • Easy Access - A single point of reference for your full career history. No matter where you are, you can access MyCVBuilder and quickly create and edit your CVs and resumes for the specific job at hand.

  • Add Once - Add your information only once and add new elements to your information repository as you acquire more skills, gain new experiences and make new achievements.

  • Save Huge Amounts of Valuable Time - The amazing power and flexibility of MyCVBuilder is guaranteed to save you huge amounts of time that you will otherwise spend in creating, re-creating, editing and changing CVs and resumes.

  • Proven Methodological Framework - MyCVBuilder is not just about filling online forms to enter your qualifications and work history. Rather, the whole CV and resume building process at MyCVBuilder is built on a precise and proven framework that leads to the creation of successful CVs and resumes. MyCVBuilder is unique and worlds apart from all other CV and Resume Builders.

  • Amazing Flexibility - MyCVBuilder provides you with an great degree of flexibility in creating your CV or resume. You are able to enter custom content and custom headings with MyCVBuilder, in addition to the standard elements that appear on most CVs.

  • CV and Resume Layout Styles and Formats - When you create your CV or resume at MyCVBuilder you will be able to create a Word document of your CV using a wide range of pre-defined templates and content styles.

  • Online Spellchecking - You can check your entries for spelling mistakes using our online spellchecking software. No need to worry about embarassing mistakes in your CVs or resumes.

  • Access to Action Word List - You have access to hundreds of actions words that can be used in key sentences within your CV or resume.

  • Immediate Download - You will be able to immediately download your CV in electronic format. You can choose from a variety of chronological, functional and chronofunctional CV formats - with different layout combinations - and even select the font type and size you want your CV or resume to appear in.

  • Expert Instruction - The procedural steps upon which MyCVBuilder is designed are all based upon expert instruction. You will receive information, techniques and insight that can otherwise cost you hundreds of pounds in consultancy fees.

  • Detailed Skills Audit - You will be guided to perform a detailed skills audit of your entire careerh history - a vital step in ensuring you have access to a wide skills and achievements base to tailor CVs and resumes to job applications.

  • Quantify and Empower Sentences - Learn how to empower your sentences using our 500 active words list, key questions to strengthen your image, and how to write and quantify sentences.

  • Excellent Interview Preparation - The MyCVBuilder methodology and framework will ensure that you will deliver excellent interviews. This is because by way of the methodology you have followed in auditing yourself, identifying your skills, preparing evidence for your CV or resume, analysing job requirements and matching and identifying your skills with those required for the job - you will be able to sit interviews with confidence.

  • Excellent Resources - MyCVBuilder also gives you access to a growing list of free resources that help you greatly in the career roadmap.

  • CV Management - In the majority of situations, one CV is not appropriate for all jobs. Most people find that they have to continuously modify and create new versions of their CV for a particular job opening. MyCVBuilder was actually designed to address this particular issue. Now, you no longer have to worry about this. You can create multiple CVs or resumes with content of your choice, and you can choose varying levels of detail by selecting from a wide range of CV or resume layouts with varying templates.

  • Free CV and resume hosting - You will be able to host your CV or resume on ViewMyCV.Com with the ability to place it in multiple job categories. Each CV or resume has its unique web address.|cvname

    CVs and resumes can be immediately downloaded in Word or plain text format by potential employers.

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