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Powerful CV and Resume Templates

MyCVBuilder is pleased to make available a range of very powerful, yet simple CV and resume layouts - following the specific needs and flexibility requested by our members.

Simple and attractive designs, with carefully chosen fonts that are scanner friendly, you can now knock out CVs and resumes even faster with greater choice and flexibility.

To access this growing archive of power templates, join any of our plans now or you may purchase them by clicking below.


There are very practical and powerful templates that have been designed very carefully and very precisely! We will be adding more templates to give our members an amazing library of templates to suit different career levels and career types.

The following archive of templates will continue to grow.

Note: The names chosen are fictional, any resemblance to real people is coincidental. Some templates contain details that can be replaced with your own, and others contain instructions telling you what to do (even easier!).

Templates For Graduates and Entry Level
David Meehan
Chronological Format opening with objective statement and key skills.
Robert Lake
Chronological Format opening with profile and relevant skills.
Pauline Finney
A nice two colum layout beginning with objective and summary of qualifications, followed by remaining elements.
Keith Small
A very attractive and professional template - suitable for new job seekers.
Templates For Short to Medium Career History
John Farndale
A nice two column layout following the chrono-functional format. Opening focuses upon core skills and competencies with room to expand upon detail using work and education histories.
Gavin McNeil
Follows the resume format, a functional style placing heavy emphasis upon core skills and skill headings with brief summaries of employment and education histories.
Dawn Belton
Follows a resume style, brief and concise. Starting with profile and key competencies with summaries of remaining elements.
Charles Barker
Follows a chrono-functional format, opening with objective, qualification summary and achievements. A results oriented template with room for adding further detail in employment history.
Michael Rouse
Following a chrono-functional format, this is a nice basic template opening with focus on core skills with room for additional detail in career and education histories.
Derek Maine
A chronological template with a nice clean layout. Focus on profile and established career history.
Dean Bradley
Follows a chrono-functional format, opening with a very specific objective, followed by qualification summary and achievements. This is a nice template for targeting a specific job within a specified company.
Marcus Haynes
Follows a chrono-functional format, containing an objective, followed by qualification summary and achievements. This is a nice corporate design.
John Lawrence
An extremely attractive one page CV / Resume with a focus on an established career history with a view to illustrating experience.
Templates For Established Career History
Kevin Wilkey
A very concise one page CV / Resume using bullet point format to present a strong achievement background. Can be used with powerful effect with the right content.
Sarah Waites
One page CV / Resume focusing upon an established career. Can be used to concisely highlight achievements from employments illustrating depth of experience and competence.

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