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CV and Resume Facts

The Importance of CVs and Resumes
Studies have shown that a recruitment manager spends on average 10-15 seconds to decide whether to reject a CV or put it into the shortlist.

On average employers can receive between 100 - 300 CVs for each position advertised. These will be narrowed down to around 20-30 CVs and from this selection between 4-12 will be called for an interview. This indicates the great importance attached to your CV. Hence, your objective is to create a CV that does not get discarded at the initial "glance" stage, then passes the review stage and lands you an interview. If you are not getting enough interviews this shows that your CV needs to be rewritten as it is being discarded. You need to make sure you present your skills and experiences in the right way to catch the employers attention. Only when you start landing interviews for your desired jobs will you know that you have created your CV successfully.

Creating a Good CV or Resume Takes Time
In order to remember your full range of skills, achievements and experiences that have been acquired over numerous years, it will take you some time. Sometimes you will not remember achievements or experiences that are highly significant to the job you are seeking. And if you have already prepared your CV you might be tempted to leave out significant new information which might grab the attention of the employer. It may take you many hours or sometimes even a couple of days to remember everything. Taking the time out to audit yourself fully provides lots of benefits. One of those benefits is greater confidence in interviews. If your CV is weak, the interviewer will ask you questions based on information that presents you weakly. Whereas if your CV is strong, the interview will ask questions based on information that presents your image strongly. Therefore, straight away, your CV determines how your image is presented and it will influence the nature and direction of the interview. MyCVBuilder takes you step by step in a proven strategy to make sure that you do spend the right time evaluating yourself and gives you the tools and information to extract a broad range of skills and experience from your history.

Strong CVs and Resumes Set a Strong Image for Interviews
This is one of the most important points that need to be understood. It is vital that your strengths and appropriate skills are clearly represented in your CV. Just improving on interview skills alone will not make such a great impact. A carefully planned and distinctly prepared CV will have a great impact on whether you get the job. Sometimes CVs may land interviews, but because the information presented does not portray a strong image, the job is lost. This may make a person think that it was poor interview skills that made them lose the job. This is not necessarily the case. A weak presentation of skills in the CV will also lead to weak presentation and discussion of skills in the interview. MyCVBuilder features the chronological, functional (skills-based) and the chrono-functional CV format. This gives you the ability to choose the most appropriate format for the job at hand. You will also be given guidelines to help you choose which is the best format to use.

Who Gets the Job?
Its not the most technically qualified person that receives the job offer, but the person who has put together the most effective CV and gives a good interview to convince the potential employer that he or she is the best qualified person for the job. In many cases, your competitors can look more qualified on paper and they will be hired instead of you, even though you may be the most technically qualified and skilful applicant. The following is a quotation from the Bureau of Census after conducting a survey of 10 million job seekers in order to identify successful job hunting tactics:
"The skills that make a person employable are not so much the ones needed on the job as the ones needed to get the job, skills like the ability to find a job opening, complete an application, prepare a resume, and survive an interview."
The crux of the matter therefore, is that the majority of people do not know how to market themselves appropriately for the job at hand. Lesser qualified job seekers often snatch the jobs from the more qualified because they know how to create effective CVs to market themselves more efficiently. MyCVBuilder ensures that you are at no disadvantage to the competition who may well be less qualified but more informed about CV-writing process. You will receive expert knowledge and instruction, and a proven methodological process to ensure a high success rate.

The Importance of Identifying Skills
By identifying your full range of skills, your confidence will be greatly increased and this will also have a positive impact on how you deal with interviews. You must also try and think broadly about your skills and not neglect to mention "soft skills" within your skills set. Soft skills are those that are transferrable from one job to another and are not tied to a particular industry or job type. MyCVBuilder contains a step by step procedure for the CV writing process, and the initial step gives you the information, tools and worksheets to help you perform a thorough and detailed skills audit of yourself.

Your CV or Resume is an Extremely Powerful Tool
From the above you will have gathered having a strong and well-written CV can result in:
  • Matching your skills and image to the job you seek
  • Defining the image that your potential employer has of you
  • Giving a clear indication of your growth potential
  • Defining and directing the nature of the interviewer's questions
  • Giving very good interviews
  • Gaining a competitive edge over your competitors
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Entering employment at a significantly increased salary level
In a nutshell, your CV or resume will be one of the very important investments you will make for your own life.
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  • Employers may receive on average between 100 to 300 CVs or resumes for each position that they advertise. From this only 10 people on average are shortlisted for interviews.

  • Its not the most technically qualified person that receives the job offer, but the person who has put together the most effective CV or resume and gives a good interview to convince the potential employer that he or she is the best qualified person for the job.

  • The way your CV or resume is prepared and written and its impact on the employer will determine both your career entry level and your salary level.

  • A strong and well presented CV or resume sets a good image before the interview stage and gives a distinct advantage in winning the job.

  • CVs and resumes are often used by employers to eliminate potential employees first, leaving behind those that do not deserve elimination! Thus a successful CV is one that stands out immediately.

  • CVs and resumes are really a sales tool. Most people do not get interviews because they cannot market themselves and their skills and potential in the right way.

  • Most often a different CV or resume is required for different job applications. Very rarely is one comprehensive CV or resume sufficient to achieve the results you want.

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