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About MyCVBuilder

Effective CVs and resumes
A CV or resume is the key to opening up new career opportunities or building careers themselves. It is therefore vital that your CV or resume presents your skills, talents and experiences in an effective way. The aim of the CV and resume is to convince and persuade the potential employer that you can benefit their organisation greatly. Unfortunately many CVs and resumes fail to effectively market the relevant skills and talents required for the job. Subsequently, this also affects interview performance.

MyCVBuilder represents a comprehensive and holistic approach in building highly targeted CVs and resumes to secure the interview stage. MyCVBuilder empowers you to create winning CVs and resumes, enabling you to be prepared for interviews with greater confidence.

Discover yourself
MyCVBuilder ensures that you fully explore yourself allowing you to identify your full range of skills, achievements, experiences and potential, and provides you with the necessary tools and instructions. The majority of people seeking work or improving their careers do not give enough time to this area, and thus are not able to effectively market their true potential.

Professional Instruction
MyCVBuilder is built up industry best practises enabling you to market yourself appropriately for your target job market or for a specific job opening. Building a truly effective CV takes time, careful thought and deliberation as well as good organisation. Do not be fooled by services offering you the chance to create your CV or resume in 10-15 minutes. CVs and resumes that win and achieve are not built in 10-15 minutes.

Because myCVBuilder has been designed around proven methodological frameworks, by merely following the steps, instructions and the tools provided, you will be on your way to higher levels of self-discovery and esteem. You will be able to market yourself effectively every time for every job, after you have discovered what goes into creating effective CVs and resumes.

Whether you are completing your higher education or have an established career, MyCVBuilder provides a range of membership options to suit the needs and requirements of every person at every level of the career ladder.

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