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Career Development Resources

The following is a list of many of the great resources you will have access to as a subscribed member of MyCVBuilder.
  • Free Personality Analysis Report
    Get your free personality analysis report. This report will reveal how you can improve performance in interviews and write a perfect CV or resume. Play up your strengths, minimise your weaknesses and write a CV that works.

  • Personal Development Resource
    Access to hundreds of free materials, articles, and ideas for ethical personal and organizational development Includes free games, exercises and activities, samples, templates, diagrams, tips and tools.

  • Virtual Career Guidance
    Learn and apply the seven key tactics that offer unique help to manage your career. If you're feeling stuck in a rut, confused about where your career - and life - are heading... or need tips or advice, these tactics will work you wonders!

  • Mega Job Search Engine
    An amazing searchable database of approximately 20,000 jobs. Updated every month. Allows keyword searches, and job searches arranged in directory format, in alphabetical order.

  • CV / Resume Distribution = Career + Job Search
    Email your cv, resume and cover letter to international job headhunters in the USA, Canada or overseas, pass interviews and get jobs you want.

  • Send your CV to the right recruiters
    Distribute your CV to up to 3,200+ recruiters in the UK, targeted by job function, salary level, employment level, industry and location.

  • The Career Key
    Find out which jobs are suited to your personality using the legendary John Holland's six basic personality types.

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