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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does MyCVBuilder differ from other online CV and Resume services?

    There are a great number of differences, however one can only appreciate them after trying out MyCVBuilder. Essentially, MyCVBuilder empowers you, the job seeker, to market yourself skilfully and efficiently, with the knowledge, insight, and methodology used by professional CV and resume writers, which can otherwise cost you hundreds of pounds in consultancy fees alone. MyCVBuilder is a comprehensive start to finish service and enables you to create winning CVs and resumes.

  • What does MyCVBuilder provide?

    MyCVBuilder provides you with a methodological framework within which to create winning CVs and resumes. It has been designed and constructed with the knowledge and insight of professional CV and resume writers. MyCVBuilder is actually a proven methodology that you have access to as a subscribed member. With technical innovation and simplicity, you are able to rapidly create CVs or resumes for specific jobs from anywhere, at anytime.

  • How do I benefit with MyCVBuilder?

    You have easy access, anytime, anywhere. You will save huge amounts of time creating CVs and resumes in the future. You will have a great deal of flexibility and control in creating and editing your CVs and resumes. You have access to power words, and a large range of CV styles, formats and templates to choose from. You can create CVs or resumes with a mere click of a button, and you can control the font type and size and also spellcheck your input. You receive expert instruction, with the knowledge and insight professional CV and resume writers. You can also manage your CVs and resumes online, and host them for free on ViewMyCV.Com, plus much more.

  • Practically speaking what does MyCVBuilder do?

    Firstly, you will be guided and directed to identify and extract all of your skills, experiences and capabilities. Then you will be instructed how to revise, relabel and reorganise this information so that you can market yourself more effectively and with greater flexibility. Then you will store this information on MyCVBuilder. Once this information has been entered, you will then start creating CVs or resumes in response to jobs you are interested in. This is done by way of the simple wizard which helps you to decide and choose from three styles (chronological, functional, chrono-functional), and allows you to quickly add elements from your skills audit into the CV or resume template.

    Once this has been done you can make refinements and changes, and you are then ready to create and immediately download your CV or resume in Word or plain text format. In addition to that you have the option to host your chosen CV or resume on ViewMyCV.Com in a variety of different job categories. Once you start using MyCVBuilder you will realise that it is an extremely powerful and flexible tool.


  • What do I need to use MyCVBuilder?

    All you need is an Internet connection and an Internet browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, with Javascript and Cookies enabled. You will also need Adobe Reader in order to print the CV worksheets for the initial stages of the CV creating process.

  • Do I have 24/7 access?

    Yes, you can access MyCVBuilder at any time from any place. You can create, modify and edit CVs/Resumes and download them in Word or Text format immediately with the click of a button.

  • Is my information kept private and confidential?

    All of your CV, resume and personal data is stored securely behind a firewall. Your information can only accessed by yourself with your own account username and password. You may publish your CVs or resumes to enable potential employers to download and view them. Otherwise, no one sees your information apart from yourself. You may also view our privacy policy.

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