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What Goes Into a CV or Resume?

There are certain basic elements of a CV or resume such as personal information, career history, qualifications and references, and then there are other elements that can be added depending on their appropriateness for each job application. The list below includes the various elements you can include within a CV or resume:

Personal Details - This should include your full name, address, home telephone number, mobile number (if you have one), an email address, date of birth. Unless it is required do not put other details such as marital status, nationality, whether you have a full driving license and if it is clean or not. This information should only be put on the CV or resume if it is specifically required or appropriate to the particular job you have applied for. MyCVBuilder gives you the option to choose.

Profile - A profile is a short statement summarising your skills and experience, and often it is used to specify your career objective. This is a very useful element to the CV and resume. Using MyCVBuilder you can add multiple profile entries to use for different job openings. The profile should be very specific and accurate to help catch the reader's attention.

Qualifications - Unless you have a long and established career, details of your educational qualifications, besides titles and completion dates, are usually an essential element of the CV or resume. Your educational history should be added in reverse chronological order. Deciding what level of information about the courses you studied would depend upon the relevance of such information to the particular job you are applying for.

Work History - This is perhaps the most important part of your CV or resume, unless you are applying for your first job. Your work history is entered in reverse chronological order, and your main achievements and skills used or acquired should be presented clearly, in a positive way. MyCVBuilder, with its comprehensive approach to CV building gives you a great deal of flexibility in the way you present your work history and the specific details pertaining to each of your previous jobs.

Training Courses - If you have undertaken any relevant training, either as part of a previous job, or during your own time, then it is worthwhile to include this information in your CV or resume. The level of detail you provide about the courses would again depend upon the relevance of such information to the job application.

Core Skills - This information is usually part of the functional (skills-based) CV or resume, and is a powerful way of matching qualities from your career history and experience to the qualities required for a particular job opening. Usually around three to five defined core skills are presented alongside the relevant evidence. MyCVBuilder allows you to create CVs and Resumes in the functional format, providing you with the information, tools and a variety of excellent templates to create CVs or resumes that achieve and bring results.

Other Relevant Information and Experience - Different industries and disciplines require different types of information. Often you might need to add custom headings in addition to the standard headings and information in a CV. This allows you to provide specific and highly relevant information to each job application. MyCVBuilder allows you to add custom headings and custom content, giving you the flexibility to tailor your CVs to the exact needs of each and every job application.

Additional Information - This can include languages spoken, professional affiliations, papers and publications, and interests. You have the ability to add all of these elements to your CVs and resumes using MyCVBuilder.

References - References are usually left out of the CV, and instead a note placed such as "References available upon request". If the potential employer has requested references, then they should be included. MyCVBuilder allows you to add or remove references from your CV or resume documents with the click of a button.


MyCVBuilder has been designed to give users maximum flexibility and control over what goes into their CVs and resumes.

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