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What Types of CV Are There?

There is more than one type of CV, and you should think which type is most appropriate for the application you are making. Below is a list of the most common types of CVs that you can create using MyCVBuilder.

Chronological CV - This gives details of your education and qualifications, work experience, skills, interests and referees. Work and employment details are given in reverse chronological order, and the emphasis with this type of CV is to give a historical account of your qualifications and experience.

Skills-Based or Functional CV - This type of CV focuses more emphasis on your core skills whilst factual details of qualifications and employment history are kept to a minimum. Evidence for these skills is usually included in the CV.

Chrono-Functional CV - This type of CV mixes elements of the chronological and skills-based CV, usually by opening the CV with a description of core skills, followed by details of employment, qualifications, projects and training.

American Resume - This type of CV is usually shorter than the conventional CV and summarises the work experience, key skills and qualifications on one page, or two at the most.

Academic CV - These types of CV are most commonly used in postgraduate applications, placing more emphasis on the subjects studied, projects undertaken, and details of research expertise and a list of all publications.

Electronic CV - This is popular with larger companies. Your CV can be submitted electronically in plain text format. Electronic CVs are often scanned electronically in order to pick up key words or phrases. This makes matching your skills and personal qualities to those of the job essential.

MyCVBuilder contains the features and flexibility to enable you to create any type of CV merely at the click of a few buttons! Why not take a free trial to see for yourself?

Did you know that you can create any of the six types of CV listed using MyCVBuilder?

You have all the power and flexibility to create any style of CV and you have 60 templates to choose from.

You can even choose your own font size and font type.

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