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Who is Recruiting You?
© Stephen Shipside and Joyce Lain Kennedy - 17-Jan-05

The word recruiter refers to any professional who plays a role in bringing candidates to a hiring manager or company's attention. It is the recruiter's job to screen candidates, and the hiring body selects candidates.

Internal Recruiters employed by a company are also called in-house recruiters, or corporate recruiters. They are salaried and eligible for bonuses based upon meeting targets.

External Recruiters, commonly called headhunters, or executive search consultants, may also be called third-party recruiters, (recruiting) agency recruiters, or independent recruiters. They recruit for a variety of companies and are further divided by the way that they are paid for their services:

Retained recruiters are paid fees whether or not a search produces the candidate hired for the job. Retained recruiters may work on yearly retainer contracts and are called upon when their help is needed.

Contingency recruiters are paid on the transactional model - they get their money only when they deliver a candidate who is hired by their client.

Contingency recruiters vastly outnumber retained recruiters. Until the mid-management level, contingency recruiters may produce better results for your career advancement, but retained recruiters may offer the best opportunities at upper-management levels.

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